The go-to Family Doctor for you and your family.

Who We Are

Welcome to The Vines Family Practice.  Your experienced family doctor in Cape Town. 

With over 60 years combined medical experience, our doctors offer a quality medical service, dedicated to each and every one of our patients.

Whether you require medical services for you as an individual, or for your family, we  will take great care of you. We are passionate about helping our patients achieve and maintain optimum health. You can rest assured that as our patient, you will always come first. 

Our philosophy in our practice is to provide a caring, safe, and modern health service, based on the traditions of family practices in the past, while  incorporating the up-to-date philosophies of the present.

This dedicated approach makes it possible for us  to offer devoted attention to each of our patients, ensuring that you are always informed about your health and your  management. 

Meet Our Team

We are a small dedicated team which includes:


Dr. Laurence Cohen

Dr. Laurence Cohen, well known as a friendly dedicated doctor in Constantia, devoting over 35 years to the Constantia community.


Kim van As

Kim van As, our Practice Manager, dedicated to keep us all in check.


Shannon Greenfield

Shannon Greenfield, our Practice Assistant who keeps all the wheels turning in the right direction.

General Practice

Our goal with general practice is to provide a devoted, attentive, and modern healthcare service to our patients at all times.  

By choosing us as your family practice you and your family will have a dedicated medical team who will become familiar with each family member, making it possible for us to give you the best medical advice on any given situation. 

We strive to provide each of our patients with exceptional and devoted care, which is why we refuse to shorten our consultation time to ensure that you receive the top-quality health service that you deserve. 

Unfortunately, this dedicated and beneficial service has a cost which health insurance inadequately covers. 

However, we are very aware of the fees involved and will try to save costs wherever we can, therefore, we always adopt a conservative approach by not  just handing out medicine without properly explaining the reasoning and purpose to our patients.